A True Family Farm

When our boys help in the gardens they represent the fifth generation of the family to work the soil on Kimker Hill. Four generations still live on the farm today. Strong family bonds and a deep love and respect for the earth influence all of our farm practices.

Our gardens provide us with the best and purest of food, matchless beauty, and the ultimate earth science classroom for our homeschooled boys.

Sustainability is a popular buzz word among small scale agriculture. To us it means giving more than you take. Putting back what you use. Remembering that this beautiful earth will last forever and it's our commision to care for. In our gardens we try hard to follow these ideals and work with the earth's design, not against it.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Market This Week!

Well, our new fence for the chickens has arrived. Yesterday we moved the chickens pen again & put up the new fence & put the charger on. It's time to be sure they don't escape, the peas are sprouting & they won't stand a chance if the chickens see them.

We have so many little plants in the basement, I've run out of room to transplant them. I need more grow lights again!

Now it's time to begin to prepare for this week's market. This Saturday, March 29th, will be the last winter market at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood for this season. We'll be there with all the usuals, a whole assortment of Certified Organic Grains, Freshly Ground Flours (whole wheat, spelt, buckwheat, quinoa, rye, ... & of course, my Combo Flour (wheat & flaxseed) & my new 10-Grain Flour that was an instant hit!). Plus, I'll have all my Healthy mixes: Pancake Mix-Regular or Milk-free, Waffle Mix, Pizza Dough Mix, Cornbread Mix, Banana Muffin Mix & Zucchini Spice Muffin Mix. I'll also have lots of Certified Organic beans, peas, lentils, popcorn & whole wheat couscous; plus the various mixtures of them: Chili Bean Medley, Mixed Beans & Peas & the newest one, Split Pea Soup Mix. Oh yeah, dried pineapple & mango, too.

Want more...we now have our Dealers Egg license & I'll have quite a few dozen eggs from our free-range (within reason) chickens.

If you get there early, you may even manage to get some fresh-picked Rainbow Lights Swiss Chard. It's finally recovering from the chicken raid in February!. The snow storm detached just enough of the plastic on the hoophouse for them to squeeze in & they devoured everything. It was great for the egg production, but not the vegetables.

Hope you can join us on Saturday! I'd better get busy!!!


Joy said...

I just discovered your blog and your farm (I googled you after buying some flour at the Local Harvest Grocery store). I love your posts and I'll keep reading. I'm going to try to get by Schlafly on Saturday so I'll be sure to say "hi!"

aunt jane said...

I just discovered your blog also- love your farm and it looks like you stay very busy with all of your vegetables,chickens,and grain products! We have a small 'farm' in Rolla and I am trying to do what you do- last year I did not produce enough tomatoes or peppers to share, though! I will stop by at the Tower Grove Farmers Market and say hi! Jane